The Result of a Long Fight between George Pataki and U.F.C.
The Result of a Long Fight between George Pataki and U.F.C.

The Result of a Long Fight between George Pataki and U.F.C.

The Result of a Long Fight between George Pataki and U.F.C.- U.F.C. or Ultimate Fighting Championship is a global event with lots of controversies. The sport is very brutal and often causes casualties. Because of it, the former New York governor, George Pataki banned MMA in 1990s. After 20 years, New York finally lifts the ban on this sport.

George Pataki VS U.F.C.

U.F.C. first began in 1993 and it had attracted lots of audiences around the world. The sport itself is very different from other kinds of sports because here, it combines different kinds of material arts, such as Judi, Karate, Muay Thai, wrestling, sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and boxing. The mixed material arts concept was quite entertained, but it had minimal rules that made the athletes suffered from fatal injuries. Despite its popularity today, it isn’t included in the online betting sports in yet.

U.F.C actually planned to have U.F.C. 12: Judgment Day event in 1997. But, before the event was held, Senator John McCain sent letters to all of the US governors to band the sport. The New York state governor at that time, George Pataki, also banned the sport resulting in the event to relocate to Dothan, Alabama. Pataki stated that this sport won’t have any place in New York and he was very determined to make this sport left New York for good.

Final Battle
After 20 years of battling with the U.F.C., New York state finally legalize the sport in 2016. The decision was made by the current governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the New York Assembly. The decision was not easily made and it took for more than 3 hours for the Assembly to reach the final decision. Around 25 of the members still insisted to ban this sport, while 113 of them agreed to lift the ban. It was because the sport adopted a new rule from the State Athletic Commissions in New Jersey and Nevada, and the rule made the sport less brutal and acceptable. Andrew Cuomo also stated that he will support the sport by including the sport into the yearly budget. He also added that the sport will help the state to gain more income from the ticket receipts and licensing fees.

The sport was banned because of the cruel and brutal treatment of the athletes, but because they changed the regulation, the sport eventually gained more trust and became legal in the United States, including New York. Although some of the members of the Assembly didn’t agree with the result, the current governor, Andrew Cuomo included the sport in the yearly budget.


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