Shocking Truths about George Pataki
Shocking Truths about George Pataki

Shocking Truths about George Pataki

Shocking Truths about George Pataki – As one of the greatest politicians in United States, George Pataki is a human being. It means there are some policies or opinion from him that tend to be very earthy. Some of them are considered as something quite selfish. Even though, you cannot deny that to sit on the republican governor of New York for three terms is not a simple matter. He has a lot of things that many people love. However, as you might have known, there are some parts of him that cannot be easily accepted. Yet, all of the people in this world have to accept that kind of truth. Here are some of them.

– Fight Against Indiana Religious Freedom Law
Some of you might have realized that Indiana has the religious freedom law that attracted a lot of attention. Many other people are into it because from this law is supporting the anti-gay supporters all over Indiana. Even though, George Pataki said something quite controversial. He is against this kind of law because he thinks that all of the human has the equal right. That is one thing that can surely happen in United States and that is one thing that George Pataki believe.

– The Acceptance of Abortion
Abortion is one thing that many religions do not approve of. However, as a Catholic, he agrees on the process of abortion. If you think about it, it is a total disaster for a governor to have such a statement. Even though, he said that there are some qualifications that need to be passed before you are allowed to do so. One of them is the case of minor seeking abortion. It means not all of the people are allowed to do that freely. They still need to pass on some of the qualifications before they are able to do that.

– Opposed the Mosque in Ground Zero
The destruction of Twin Tower is something that left a big scar for United States. The name of Ground Zero is used there. Not long ago, there was a plan of building a mosque near the location. As you might have guessed, George Pataki was one of those who opposed the building. He said that there is no use of building the mosque near Ground Zero. It is not going to change the opinion of the American people just because of the mosque is built there. There are still some other ways to change the point of view of the American people to the Moslem.


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