George Pataki’s Appearance in Many Events
George Pataki’s Appearance in Many Events

George Pataki’s Appearance in Many Events

You may be one of those people who follow every step of George Pataki in his political journey. You may have also compiled lots of knowledge about what this American politician done during his job as a governor and many other policies he has issued. However, do you know about George Pataki’s appearance in many events apart from the political ones? Here they are:

Pataki’s Appearance on the C-SPAN Networks
First of all, Pataki has made lots of appearances on the C-SPAN Networks. Overall, he has had 112 videos on the video library of C-SPAN. There was a year in the past when Pataki made the most number of videos. That year was 2006. In that year, Pataki made the total of 13 videos.

Meanwhile, there was also a year when Pataki made the highest average views number per program. That year was 2011. In that year, Pataki reached a total of view of 20,374 times per program. In his videos, there were also appearances from other famous people such as George W. Bush (15 times), Michael R. Bloomberg (17 times), and Rudolph “Rudy” W. Giuliani (18 times). Of all videos Pataki has made, the most common tags are Road to the White House, New York, and World Trade Center / Pentagon Attacks.

Other Pataki’s Appearances
Apart from his appearance on the C-SPAN networks, Pataki has also made plenty of appearances in many other events. Most of the events are usually forum,  and involve different topics for the talks. Here are some of the appearances of Pataki.

On October 12th, 2015, Pataki made an appearance at No Labels Convention. At that time, Pataki was a presidential candidate for 2016 election. In this appearance, Pataki talked about how he as presidential candidate would improve the state’s economy and would create clean energy. In general, his talk was about climate change.

On December 2015, Pataki made an appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum. At that time, Pataki gave a speech as a presidential candidate. At that time, he was in the election of governor in 2016. In this appearance, Pataki talked about his call for Jerusalem to be reckoned as Israel’s capital and to outline his strategies to boost the nation’s combat ISIL and military.

Pataki was both successful and inspiring politician. Apart from making a great track record as an American Politician, he also has made lots of appearances to afford insights and knowledge to the society. Have you ever attended any George Pataki’s appearance in any networks and or forum?


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