George Pataki Net Worth Explained
George Pataki Net Worth Explained

George Pataki Net Worth Explained

George Pataki Net Worth – A former New York governor, George Pataki, is rumored to run for the next 2020 presidential election. It is quite understandable because he runs for president in 2016, but ended up in vain. Although he didn’t win the presidential election, he was nominated as one of the richest presidential candidates in 2016. Let’s see his net worth.

Net Worth
Net worth is one of the most important aspects to consider if one wants to run for a president. The new worth here will play a significant role to fund the campaign and other things during the election period. The more money you have, the more crowd you will be able to gather. It is similar to when you play gambling online in and the more you bet, the bigger your prize will be.

Pataki also became one of the richest presidential candidates in the last 2016 presidential election and his net worth at that time was $13 million. Here are the main sources of his fortune.
• New York Governor
One of his sources of income was when he served as the 53rd New York governor from 1995 to 2006. This job is considered a low-paying job if compared to his other income. The salary as a New York governor is around $179,000 per month based on the Council of State Governments in June 2013.

• Business Firm
One of his biggest income is from his business firm, Pataki-Cahill Group. Pataki himself is a founder and the chairman of the business firm, and he works with John P. Cahill and 30 employees. The business firm focuses on different services, especially related to water resources, hard assets, environmental resiliency, and energy. The estimated revenue of this business firm is $6.00 million.

• Chadbourne & Park
Another source of income was from Chadbourne & Park, a law firm that has 12 different offices in ten different countries. He didn’t own this firm, but he was one of the attorneys here. In this law firm, he worked with around 400 lawyers and there are other prominent figures who also worked for this firm, such as Abbe Lowell, Ed Muskie, George Bundy Smith, Julissa Reynoso, George A. Spater, John Cahill, Dana Frix, Eddie Huang, and Philip Goodman. The firm made around $286 million per year and he gained about a million dollars for his service.

George Pataki is estimated to have $13 Million which made him eligible to run for presidential candidacy in 2016. His fortune didn’t only come from his income as a New York governor because he had different assets and they give annual income to this former governor.


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