George Pataki childhood
George Pataki childhood

George Pataki childhood

As a politician, maybe not many know his childhood. George Elmer Pataki is a Republican lawyer and politician from the United States. He has served as the 53rd Governor of New York for 11 years, starting from 1995 to 2006. George Pataki, who was born on June 24, 1945, began his career by becoming mayor in his hometown of Peekskill. He then continued his political career at the State Assembly and State Senate. 1994 became the first year Pataki ran for Governor of New York. At that time he was seen as an underdog due to incumbent governor Mario Cuomo. But in the end Pataki managed to come out as a winner.

Childhood of George Pataki

Pataki was born in Peekskill New York. His father’s grandfather came from Hungary. Their family name, Pataki, comes from Hungarian which means small river. His grandfather first came in 1908 and worked in a hat factory. Grandpa Pataki later married Erszebet who was also born in Hungary. From this couple, Pataki’s father Louis was born. P. Pataki who works as a postman, and manages a farm. While the grandfather of George Pataki’s mother came from Italy, named Matteo Lagana. Mrs. Pataki named Margaret Lagana. Pataki has an older brother named Louis George Pataki.

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Pataki can speak Hungarian, Spanish and French, and German. The four languages are still mastered until now. After completing his high school education at Peekskill High School. He then continued his education at Yale University together with the president of the United States, George W. Bush, in 1964. Pataki received an academic scholarship and graduated three years later in 1967. He obtained his law degree as a lawyer in 1970 at Columbia Law School. During his college days, he had been in the position of Chairman of the Conservative Party at Yale Political Union. He then participated in debating activities.

His political career first began in 1981 when Pataki won the first election as mayor of Peekskill. At that time, Pataki managed to defeat his opponent from the Democratic Party, Fred Blanco Jr., who was a candidate for the incumbent mayor. In 1983, Pataki was re-elected as mayor. In 1984, Pataki held a position at New York State Assembly by defeating incumbent William J. Ryan. Then in 1986, Pataki defeated Ryan again by taking 63% of the vote. He also won back in 1988 and 1990. That’s a bit of a story about George Pataki’s childhood and family when he hadn’t started his career as a Republican politician


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