George Pataki and His Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law
George Pataki and His Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

George Pataki and His Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

George Pataki and His Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law – George Pataki, a former New York Governor, tried to open his door to the White House, but in 2015, he officially declined it in 2015. During that period, he had made controversial presidential bids and those made him fail to gain votes. One of Pataki’s controversial bids is related to Indiana Religious Freedom Law and this is the detail that you need to know.
– Indiana Religious Freedom Law
Back in 2015, Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence, signed a law that might be unfavorable to the LGBT community. The law would allow business leaders in Indiana to cite religious freedom as their legal defense. Meaning that the government cannot interfere individuals’ beliefs and this law can be used to defend themselves before the law.

However, the LGBT community didn’t agree with the law because it can be used to discriminate against people. The community believes that business owners will use the law to deny giving a service based on their sexual orientation and call it their religious belief. The law created a major controversy and the presidential candidates were using the law to gain voters.

– George Pataki Didn’t Show Support for the Law
Some presidential candidates, such as Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, stated that they would support the law, but Pataki didn’t. Pataki believed that creating this law was a wrong move and he also believed that this law would discriminate against the LGBT community.

The law was wrong in the first place because America supports freedom and Pataki believes that we need to treat people equally. However, he didn’t gain great feedback when he voiced his beliefs because he is a devoted Catholic. He has often highlighted that some things that do not go with Catholic teaching and supporting the LGBT community are merely wrong. As a governor, he didn’t really favor LGBT community and strongly disagreed with same-sex marriage, and when he disagreed with Indiana Religious Freedom law, he didn’t gain more voters. However, you can still gain lots of money when you gain interest in playing a Live Poker game.

Although Pataki always shows that he is a devoted Catholic on some occasions, he didn’t support the law that might be unfavorable for gays and lesbians, which is in conflict with Catholic teaching.


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