George Pataki Achievement throughout his life
George Pataki Achievement throughout his life

George Pataki Achievement throughout his life

Do you know George Pataki? His name is quite well known as a politician from Peekskill, New York. His career was indeed built by becoming a mayor in his hometown, Peekskill. Then he also served as the 53rd Governor of New York, the period 1995 – 2006. Politicians from the Republican Party also had a profession as a lawyer. Prior to serving as governor of New York, Pataki had also served in the State Assembly and State Senate. His career as governor began in 1994. During that time Pataki fought the incumbent governor, Mario Cuomo. During his leadership period, there were several achievements that were achieved by George Pataki. The following are some of the achievements.

Achievements Ever Reached by George Pataki

During his reign, there were several achievements that had been obtained by George Pataki. In the early days of Pataki’s campaign in 1994, he had been seen as an underdog since the beginning of his candidacy. Because, Pataki had to fight Mario Cuomo and his own name was not too well known at that time. In the end, Pataki defeated Cuomo in the general election. Many felt that Pataki’s victory was thanks to Howard Stern’s encouragement. In return, Pataki thanked Stern by bringing him together on the podium during inauguration. Pataki won the general election and became Governor in 1995.

During his time as governor of New York, Pataki received an A in his first term in 1996. His value then declined in 1998 to B, and returned to B in 2002, 2002 and 2004. In 2006, the value of Pataki as a person the governor drops to D. This value comes from the Cato Institute. In 2000, the name Pataki had appeared in a short list that would accompany George W. Bush as president. His name is with Governor John Engler, Tom Ridge, and Senator John Danforth. But finally Bush chose Dick Cheney, who was a former Secretary of Defense.

After his term is over, it does not mean that Pataki has stopped and retired from politics. He then joined the law firm Chadbourne & Parke in New York. Pataki is still looking for possibilities to run for president. He also formed an environmental consulting firm along with his former staff John Cahill and worked together with the Council on Foreign Relations on the issue of climate change. In 2007, Pataki became a delegate from the United States to the United Nations General Assembly. Pataki was appointed directly by president George W. Bush. One of the other achievements of Pataki is the establishment of the Governor of George E. Pataki Leadership and Learning Center located in Peekskill, New York


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