Why George Pataki Supports Kid Rock as a Senate Candidate
Why George Pataki Supports Kid Rock as a Senate Candidate

Why George Pataki Supports Kid Rock as a Senate Candidate

Kid Rock who is famous in his music career was issued as a Senate candidate in 2017. This idea was considered absurd for other parties, but not for George Pataki who is a New York Governor. But why George Pataki supports Kid Rock as a Senate candidate?

– Candidate of Republican Party in Michigan
Kid Rock who was born in Romeo, Michigan is believed to be the winning key for Republican Party in his hometown. The most obvious reason for this is because his name is widely known in Michigan. With his popularity, he can save the Republican ballot there. At the presidential bid last 2015, Michigan which is supposed to support the Democratic Party, chose Republican and helped Donald Trump gaining more polls. If Kid Rock runs for the Senate candidate, he might be able to gain more polls as the US president did.

– Has the Same Spotlight as Donald Trump
One of the absurd ideas in the last presidential bid is when Donald Trump decided to join as one of the candidates. Many people didn’t believe this idea and still think that his political policies are unbelievable. However, despite all doubts, Donald Trump was elected as the US president. The same ideas go with Kid Rock when he was issued to be the next Senate candidate. If Donald Trump can be a president, why not about Kid Rock. As absurd as it is, George Pataki said that Kid Rock is the candidate that the GOP needs right now. It is because Kid Rock is believed to be the smart guy seen from the songs he wrote and he can do business for his own self.

Why George Pataki Supports Kid Rock as a Senate Candidate– Prefers His Songs
Although it will be very interesting if Kid Rock runs as a Senate candidate, he didn’t think about it. He even thinks that this is very ridiculous and he prefers to go to promote his new songs, Po-Dunk and Greatest Show on Earth. Still, many Republicans think that he can run for the Senate by changing the lyrics of his new songs as a campaign to gather more attention from the people.

The reasons why George Pataki supports Kid rock as a Senate candidate are because of his background. Not only because he is a musician, but he also proves that he can survive in his career because of his smart thinking and his business strategy which make him perfect as a Senate candidate.

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