What if George Pataki Runs For President in 2020?
What if George Pataki Runs For President in 2020?

What if George Pataki Runs For President in 2020?

George Pataki, a former New York Governor, run as the presidential bid in 2016, but he ended the campaign later. It is because he didn’t receive enough polls to run as a presidential candidacy. But, what if George Pataki runs for president in 2020? Will he be successful or repeating the same mistake once again?

The presidential election in 2020 is approaching and more candidates have been predicted to take the chance to run for presidents who are inspired by Trump’s success of becoming a president. Not only new candidates, but the presidential candidates in the last presidential bid in 2016 might be running for president in 2020, including George Pataki.

If, say, George Pataki is running for a president in 2020, the possibility to win is 50:50. He gets 50 percent possibility to be elected as a presidential candidate since he has his own role in the last presidential bid and he has known how to act to gather more polls. But, he also gets 50 percent chance of failure since he might do the same mistake twice and lots of people seek for the better candidate.

The reasons for his failure in the presidential bid in 2016 are because of his age, inactive participation in the campaign, and his controversial policies. He cannot do anything if it is related to the age, but he can perform better in the campaign and policies. When he grasps those two aspects, he might be able to attract more attention and get more polls.
If he can correct his mistakes, he might be able to claim his position in the next presidential bid, if not, he can wave goodbye to his dream of becoming a president. But, until now, Pataki hasn’t registered as the 2020 presidential candidate and now more than 350 candidates have been registered.

If Pataki runs for a presidential bid in 2020, he needs to work hard make an extra effort starting from this moment to win compared to what he did in the last 2016 presidential bid. But still, he might face more problems since there are more candidates from the various background that he needs to beat in order to win the polls.

What if George Pataki runs for president in 2020? The possibility to win and the possibility to lose are always there. But then, it depends on his political campaign whether he can be successful or not and hopefully, he won’t repeat the same mistake again.


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