What George Pataki Tweets in his Twitter Account
What George Pataki Tweets in his Twitter Account

What George Pataki Tweets in his Twitter Account

George Pataki, a former Governor of New York, is one of the politicians who are active in the social media. He has a Twitter account since 2014 that he manages by himself and he has tweeted for more than 20k times. But, what George Pataki tweets in his Twitter account?

George Pataki, in his Twitter as @GovernorPataki, has gained more than 42.4K followers since he made his Twitter account in 2014. Compared to Donald Trump, George Pataki is considered not very active on Twitter. Mostly he tweets about the current issues of the political situation and he rarely tweets about his personal feelings. Sometimes, he retweeted some prominent Twitter accounts, such as his daughter Allison Pataki @AllisonPataki, Bruce Brenton @bbrentonwindham, Fox News @FoxNews, and many more.

Twitter users are free to express their own thought through the posts they tweet and sometimes, the posts make other parties uncomfortable. The same problem is experienced by George Pataki in his past Twitter posts.
• Twitter War with Donald Trump
The US president, Donald Trump, is known for his active role in Twitter and he has tweeted lots of posts that might insult other parties. In this case, George Pataki is the one who posts the first tweet about Donald Trump. On September 13, 2015, George Pataki tweets about his thought regarding the Donald Trump presidential candidacy. In this tweet, he said that he would not vote for Trump since he is unfit as a presidential candidate. Responding to this tweet, Trump addressed Pataki as a failure as a Governor of New York and how he disagreed with the idea that Pataki is running for president. The situation got worse since Pataki mentioned the past issues of Trump and he encouraged his fellow candidates to not nominate Trump as a presidential candidate.

Edward Snowden Twitter Account• Edward Snowden Twitter Account
Edward Snowden is one of the prominent figures in terms of computer technology. In the past, he leaked important information on the US government and he is currently under asylum in Russia. When he first joined Twitter, Pataki saw this as a thread and addressed him as a traitor for the US. He demanded Twitter to ban Snowden’s account, but Twitter disagreed on this idea and welcome Snowden on Twitter.

What George Pataki tweets in his Twitter account are mostly his personal thought and some things related to the current political issues. The most shocking tweets in the past were related to Donald Trump Twitter war and Snowden Twitter account.


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