Unique Facts about George Pataki in His Election
Unique Facts about George Pataki in His Election

Unique Facts about George Pataki in His Election

George Pataki is one of American politician that is so well known. His fame is due to his achievements and track record in US politics. However, despite of Pataki’s career history, do you know about the unique facts about George Pataki in his election? Not many people know that!

– He is Unbeatable in the Election for a Public Office
When Pataki was in late 30s, he ran for Peekskill’s mayor on a certain reform platform and he did it. Then 2 years afterwards or in 1984 to be precise, Pataki took on the incumbent state legislator from Democratic Party and he won again. Then in 1992, he again challenged the Republican incumbent state senator and he won again.

After that, Pataki decided to make a great leap from being a Senate in his first term to a GOP nominee for being a governor. Then, regardless Giuliani endorsing the opponent and regardless the presence from a third party from a conservative businessman, George Pataki, in 1994, ousted Cuomo. He was also re-elected in both 1998 and also in 2002 and he hasn’t run since.

That being said, we could conclude that Pataki has been always successful in his election. He has defeated many incumbents and been re-elected for many times. This phenomenon is surely rare to happen to a politician everywhere in the world.

Unique Facts about George Pataki in His Election– He is the Oldest among the Presidential Prospects
In the election, Pataki has been the oldest among the presidential prospects coming from the Republican side. Besides, he has also been the one and only major contender who’s older than his rival Hillary Clinton. If Pataki’s elected, he would surely be the oldest candidate to take an oath as a president.

How could that happen? It is because this New York’s former governor was born in June 1945. Therefore, he would just turn 71 on the 2016 Election Day. This is surely rare to happen among American politicians. It is rare to find someone making his first bid for his presidency in his 70s, although the Independent Democratic Bernie Sanders was 4 years older as Pataki’s senior and the prospective candidate named Jim Webb was 69 at that time. Pataki remains the oldest.

Which one of the unique facts about George Pataki above interests player the most? Although you may have seen media reported plenty of things about Pataki, there seems to be a few of them presenting unique info about this successful American politician.


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