Unique Facts about George Pataki about His Governorship
Unique Facts about George Pataki about His Governorship

Unique Facts about George Pataki about His Governorship

George Pataki is not a new name in American politics. This politician has made an incredible journey during his political career by making lots of policies and succeeding in many elections. However, have you ever known unique facts about George Pataki about his governorship? Check the following information out:

Pataki Defeated Mario Cuomo
Mario Cuomo is a big name in American politics. Mario Cuomo is the liberal icon and was defeated by Pataki. Pataki successfully win the 1994 governorship. It was surely a big sweep for the GOP at that time. Even more, the winning was as stunning as the states’ outcomes where there were many Democratic governors who became governors at the moment went down.

Pataki successfully bagged the greatest prize on that day, giving a shock therapy to the political world by claiming his winning from the 3-term incumbent Mario Cuomo. This winning could never be belittled as Mario Cuomo was the man who possessed symbolized liberal resistance to the conservatism of Ronald Reagan.

Pataki at that time piled up the margins of 2 -1 in the Upstate counties and he won enough votes in the New York City’s suburbs and outer boroughs to dominate by 4 points of percentage. Mario Cuomo, the former leading president prospect from the Democratic, was reported to never run for the office again. However, Andrew, his son, was elected 2010 and 2014 governor.

He was a Governor when Terror Attacks Occurred on September 11th, 2011
The nation’s anger and shock over the World Trade Center’s twin tower’s destruction by the terrorists from al-Qaida gave many political opportunity moments, but most of those benefited the Mayor Giulani and President George W. Bush.

At that time, Pataki was on that scene and was often involved in the challenging aftermath. That was surely a hard time for him during his reign as the New York City’s governor. He was challenged to be able to accommodate the needs of the victims while also maintaining his performance as a governor. However, Pataki never cut any media figure Pataki’s fellow Republican did. He also never obtained similar boost in the national renown.

There are still many more unique facts about George Pataki about his governor ship. However, those two facts above are what shock the society. It is great to know that there is an amazing politician in American that could perform that great in the political world, don’t you think?


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