The Social Policy of US Politician George Pataki
The Social Policy of US Politician George Pataki

The Social Policy of US Politician George Pataki

The US Politician George Pataki is so well-known because of his successful career in US politics. However, despite of his career track record, he is also known for several social policies he has made, some of which are about health care and gay rights. What is inside those policies?

– Health Care
There were a couple of novel health care programs when Pataki was in charge of administration. Those health care programs were formulated to focus more on the expansion of health care program for the poorest citizen in the state.

In 1999, George Pataki sign health care legislation providing coverage of health insurance under the name of Family Health Plus. This comprehensive law was taken to provide adults with low income with health insurance thru their employers.

Besides, George Pataki also took care of Child Health whose coverage was also expanded in order to facilitate poorer families having children with the age of below 19 who were deemed qualified for Medicaid.

Then by 2001, George Pataki fought for 530,000 children to be included to the program. The coverage expansion of Family Health Plus was even made wider by providing free insurance to single adults and families who owned too much income that had to be covered by the Medicaid but couldn’t afford insurance.

In 2003, Governor Pataki issued a ban for smoking in any public places. The ban was signed to be a law under his administration by hoping that it could better health in NYC and also reduce the cost of health care over time.

The Social Policy of US Politician George Pataki– Gay Rights
Another interesting social policy made under the administration of George Pataki was about gay rights. He once lobbied for the favor from Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act, a bill of fay rights languishing in the state’s Senate for a couple of years because of the Senate Leader Joseph Bruno’s opposition.

Then in 1009, Pataki personally preferred the marriage of same sex but he never brought it to the State Senate because he knew that most of the Senates in the conference were against his thought. He said that for life is short, every person should be afforded with same rights and opportunities to enjoy it.

There are actually many other made by the US politician George Pataki. Even from those two policies above, however, we could only see how he really fights for the better life of the society. Which movement of Pataki is inspires you?

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