Get to Know George Pataki
Get to Know George Pataki

Get to Know George Pataki

George Pataki is one of the prominent figures in America. He is known as a successful politician and attorney. Although he is very famous, other than those facts, not all people know who George Pataki is. Let’s get to know George Pataki more to gain insight from his point of views.

When talking about George Pataki, it will be incomplete if not talking about his families. His father, the late Louis Pataki, worked as a postman and his mother, the late Margaret ‘Peggy’ M. Pataki, was spending her life mostly in the family farm. George Pataki has an older brother named Louis Pataki Jr.

In 1973, he married Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Rowland and from that marriage, he has four children, namely Emily Pataki, Teddy Pataki, Allison Pataki, and George Owen Pataki. One of the children, Allison Pataki, is the New York Best Selling author for her novels; The Traitor’s Wife, Accidental Empress, Sisi: Empress on Her Own, Where the Light Falls, and Beauty in the Broken Places. The novel Where the Light Falls is written by her and her brother, George Owen Pataki who is a first lieutenant in the US Army.

Role in Presidential Bid
George Pataki was running for the presidential nomination in May 2015 from Republican Party, along with other presidential candidates. He had conducted his campaign to gather supporters from Exeter, New Hampshire. Although he gained more supporters from Exeter, he needed to end his presidential bid in December 2015 since he didn’t get a place in the national polls. The main reason of the low polls is that he was already in his 70 when he announced his presidential candidacy.

The other reason is that he was inactive for doing a campaign since 2002 so that he didn’t have enough recognition from the people. He also supported numerous liberal policies which very contrast with the Republican policies regarding gay marriage, abortion, environment, and gun control. After he dropped his presidential bid, in April 2016, he endorsed John Kasich, a Governor of Ohio. However, John Kasich also dropped out as a presidential candidacy in May 2016 after becoming a sole challenger to Donald J. Trump.

When you get to know George Pataki more, you will know lots of interesting facts that make him different from other politicians. Not only knowing more facts about him, you will gain more knowledge from his political policies, from the economic policies to energy and oil policies.


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