George Pataki’s Issue Positions
George Pataki’s Issue Positions

George Pataki’s Issue Positions

If you are into American politics, you may have been familiar with George Pataki. He has that amazing career record in politics. His name is even more well-known when he was elected as the governor of New York. Yet, despite of his careers track record, do you know George Pataki’s issue positions? What does this politician say about particular issues in the society?

Yes – As the Issue Positions
To begin with, let’s see particular issues with which George Pataki has agreed. There are different kinds of issues he has agreed with or he has supported. You may have heard some of them but some of them may be new information to you.

First, in term of economic issue, Pataki supports the effort of lowering taxes. He agrees with lower taxes as a means of economic growth promotion. Meanwhile, related to energy issues, Pataki supports the funding for the renewable energy development. Pataki has a big support to the renewable development of wind, solar, and thermal.

In addition to that, Pataki agrees with one of Obama’s policies about health. Pataki supports the continuation of Obamacare as the society’s Affordable Care Act. Then in term of national security, Pataki supports targeting the suspected terrorists that are located outside of official conflict theaters.

No – As the Issue Position
On the contrary, George Pataki has issues some disagreement on some issues. They are as the following:

First, related to budgeting, Pataki disagrees with the idea of increasing an income tax on any tax bracket as a way to balance budget. Then related to crime, he disagrees with the obligatory minimum sentences for the offenders of non-violent drug. For economy, he doesn’t support the federal funding as a way to promote the growth of economy.

Then about education, he doesn’t support the states in implementing the reforms of the education. The reason to that is because that reform will not make the education entitled to competitive federal grants. Meanwhile, talking about environment, Pataki doesn’t support the federal regulation about the emissions of greenhouse gas. Lastly about immigration, Pataki doesn’t find the need of requiring any illegal immigrants for returning to the home country before they are deemed eligible for their new citizenship.

There are still some other George Pataki’s issues positions. Which of his positions do you support and which ones you don’t? What kind of inspirations have you got from his policies so far? Let us know your voice!


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