George Pataki’s Controversial Campaign: Anti-abortion
George Pataki’s Controversial Campaign: Anti-abortion

George Pataki’s Controversial Campaign: Anti-abortion

Abortion-rights, or often known as pro-choice, is still becoming a debate among the public. The move also impacted his candidacy for governor in 1994, including how former New York Governor George Pataki was elected. His view on this matter really affected the support that he got. Here are the details.

George Pataki and Anti-abortion
During his candidacy for government in 1994, Pataki didn’t really get lots of recognition and was considered an underdog. Then, he was endorsed by the US Senator, Al D’Amato, because Pataki stated that he was pro-choice. However, he still received some backlash against the view.

His view related to abortion was stated to be a big loss for him as he might lose the support from Conservative Party. The result also showed that he didn’t gain more voters from the pro-choice although he clearly stated that he was pro-choice. He did nothing for the groups, but he was trying to end Medicaid payments for abortions, which was his support for anti-choice people. However, whatever your choice.

Pro-choice groups knew that Pataki went with the pro-choice because he wanted to gain more support from the group. However, they noticed that it was very strange because Pataki was a strong anti-choice supporter since his past election. He was also a devoted Catholic and supporting abortion was really against Catholic teaching, which also made him inconsistent about his stance. The Conservative Party also stated that they would choose anyone but Pataki.

The Result of 1994 Campaign
Some groups stated that they would not vote for Pataki because of his view and campaign on abortion which made him lose some of the voters. However, he was able to defeat his rival, Governor Cuomo, in the end. He won support from all countries, except the outside of Five Boroughs.

Pataki always voiced his view on anti-abortion, but in during the 1994 period, he showed that he became pro-choice. However, he didn’t really support the group and tried to end the medicaid payments to support the anti-choice. It impacted the votes he got, but still, he won the election in 1994.


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