Secrets of George Pataki That Are Kept Hidden

Secrets of George Pataki That Are Kept Hidden – All of the people in this world have their own secrets. Some of them are very personal so that no other people know it at all. Meanwhile, some others are not that personal so that it was shared to some of the closest friends or families. Despite of the kind of secret that you have, a great politician such as George Pataki also has some secrets that are well hidden from the people that he governed. Indeed, these secrets are not something you can just believe. However, it might lead to some other secrets of George Pataki that you might have never known before.

– Good-Luck Charm
The first secret of George Pataki that you might have never heard is the good luck charm. Actually, this is not a wrong thing to have. As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of people with this kind of charm. The problem is that he is currently holding the Jewish good-luck charm even though he is a catholic. Based on the information from New York Times, he always brings his good-luck charm in a form of a dollar bill. The bill was signed by the Grand Rabi.

– Supportive Act on Abortion
Abortion is not a good thing to do and this kind of act is prohibited in all of the religions. Even though some people said that George Pataki is a good catholic, he is one of those people who are quite supportive with the act of abortion. Fortunately, he stated it clearly that it is not the kind of abortion without any consequences at all. For him, the act of abortion is acceptable as long as the one who will do it has met some conditions. If one of those conditions are not met, then the abortion should not be permitted.

– Took Down Mario Cuomo
For those who have known the name of Mario Cuomo, you surely know that he is one of the icons of liberation in United States. However, George Pataki was able to take him down after three consecutive winnings before. Some people said that Mario Cuomo was not interested in becoming the governor. However, only few people who knew that George Pataki was trying his best to end the regime of Mario Cuomo. He believed that the liberalism is not a mere symbol or icon. This liberal news is also published on the site which is a source of online political information. It is something that needs to be done. That is why George Pataki tried his best to get the position as the governor at that time.

George Pataki and His Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law
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George Pataki and His Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

George Pataki and His Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law – George Pataki, a former New York Governor, tried to open his door to the White House, but in 2015, he officially declined it in 2015. During that period, he had made controversial presidential bids and those made him fail to gain votes. One of Pataki’s controversial bids is related to Indiana Religious Freedom Law and this is the detail that you need to know.
– Indiana Religious Freedom Law
Back in 2015, Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence, signed a law that might be unfavorable to the LGBT community. The law would allow business leaders in Indiana to cite religious freedom as their legal defense. Meaning that the government cannot interfere individuals’ beliefs and this law can be used to defend themselves before the law.

However, the LGBT community didn’t agree with the law because it can be used to discriminate against people. The community believes that business owners will use the law to deny giving a service based on their sexual orientation and call it their religious belief. The law created a major controversy and the presidential candidates were using the law to gain voters.

– George Pataki Didn’t Show Support for the Law
Some presidential candidates, such as Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, stated that they would support the law, but Pataki didn’t. Pataki believed that creating this law was a wrong move and he also believed that this law would discriminate against the LGBT community.

The law was wrong in the first place because America supports freedom and Pataki believes that we need to treat people equally. However, he didn’t gain great feedback when he voiced his beliefs because he is a devoted Catholic. He has often highlighted that some things that do not go with Catholic teaching and supporting the LGBT community are merely wrong. As a governor, he didn’t really favor LGBT community and strongly disagreed with same-sex marriage, and when he disagreed with Indiana Religious Freedom law, he didn’t gain more voters. However, you can still gain lots of money when you gain interest in playing a Live Poker game.

Although Pataki always shows that he is a devoted Catholic on some occasions, he didn’t support the law that might be unfavorable for gays and lesbians, which is in conflict with Catholic teaching.

Shocking Truths about George Pataki
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Shocking Truths about George Pataki

Shocking Truths about George Pataki – As one of the greatest politicians in United States, George Pataki is a human being. It means there are some policies or opinion from him that tend to be very earthy. Some of them are considered as something quite selfish. Even though, you cannot deny that to sit on the republican governor of New York for three terms is not a simple matter. He has a lot of things that many people love. However, as you might have known, there are some parts of him that cannot be easily accepted. Yet, all of the people in this world have to accept that kind of truth. Here are some of them.

– Fight Against Indiana Religious Freedom Law
Some of you might have realized that Indiana has the religious freedom law that attracted a lot of attention. Many other people are into it because from this law is supporting the anti-gay supporters all over Indiana. Even though, George Pataki said something quite controversial. He is against this kind of law because he thinks that all of the human has the equal right. That is one thing that can surely happen in United States and that is one thing that George Pataki believe.

– The Acceptance of Abortion
Abortion is one thing that many religions do not approve of. However, as a Catholic, he agrees on the process of abortion. If you think about it, it is a total disaster for a governor to have such a statement. Even though, he said that there are some qualifications that need to be passed before you are allowed to do so. One of them is the case of minor seeking abortion. It means not all of the people are allowed to do that freely. They still need to pass on some of the qualifications before they are able to do that.

– Opposed the Mosque in Ground Zero
The destruction of Twin Tower is something that left a big scar for United States. The name of Ground Zero is used there. Not long ago, there was a plan of building a mosque near the location. As you might have guessed, George Pataki was one of those who opposed the building. He said that there is no use of building the mosque near Ground Zero. It is not going to change the opinion of the American people just because of the mosque is built there. There are still some other ways to change the point of view of the American people to the Moslem.

George Pataki and His Family
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George Pataki and His Family

George Pataki and His Family – George Elmer Pataki or known as George Pataki is a former New York governor who also runs for 2016 presidential election. You must have been familiar with this name, but you can know him better by learning about his family. Little did you know, his wife and children have an important career that you might not expect.

Libby Pataki
Mary Elizabeth Rowland or Libby Pataki is the wife of George Pataki. They have been married since 1973, and she served as the First Lady of Peekskill on January 1, 1981 to December 31, 1984. It is when her husband was working as Peekskill Mayor. She was also the First Lady of New York on January 1, 1995 to December 31, 2006 when her husband was working as New York governor. So they are actually little king and queen on their own terms, unlike your king and queen on your gambling cards you play in IDN Poker.

As the First Lady, Libby gained more awareness in agriculture industry and breast cancer. To achieve the goal, she traveled to different states of New York. She also worked as a marketing consultant for various corporations during her time serving as the First Lady. She also took part in founding One Jerusalem, the pro-Israel institution, together with Nathan Sharansky, an Israeli politician.

George Pataki and Libby Pataki have four children from their marriage, namely Emily Pataki, Allison Pataki, Teddy Pataki, and George Owen Pataki. Currently, there is no information related to Emily Pataki, but other children are noted to have great achievements and talents on what they do.

Allison Pataki, for example, is a famous author and journalist. As an author, she has written five famous novels, such as The Traitor’s Wife based on the life of American military officer, Benedict Arnold; The Accidental Empress and Sisi: Empress On Her Own which are based on the Austro-Hungarian Empress or the Dual Monarchy; Where the Light Falls which she co-writes with her brother, George Owen Pataki; and her latest novel Beauty in the Broken Places: A Memoir of Love, Faith, and Resilience in 2018 which tells about a near-fatal stroke of her husband. You can also expect more of her upcoming books in 2020. Not only writing those novels, but she also writes for different media outlets, such as Travel Girl,, The Huffington Post, and

Pataki and his wife, Libby, have been married for more than 40 years and both of them were actively working as governor and First Lady. All of their children have the talent and achievements that will make Pataki and Libby as parents feel proud.

The Result of a Long Fight between George Pataki and U.F.C.
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The Result of a Long Fight between George Pataki and U.F.C.

The Result of a Long Fight between George Pataki and U.F.C.- U.F.C. or Ultimate Fighting Championship is a global event with lots of controversies. The sport is very brutal and often causes casualties. Because of it, the former New York governor, George Pataki banned MMA in 1990s. After 20 years, New York finally lifts the ban on this sport.

George Pataki VS U.F.C.

U.F.C. first began in 1993 and it had attracted lots of audiences around the world. The sport itself is very different from other kinds of sports because here, it combines different kinds of material arts, such as Judi, Karate, Muay Thai, wrestling, sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and boxing. The mixed material arts concept was quite entertained, but it had minimal rules that made the athletes suffered from fatal injuries. Despite its popularity today, it isn’t included in the online betting sports in yet.

U.F.C actually planned to have U.F.C. 12: Judgment Day event in 1997. But, before the event was held, Senator John McCain sent letters to all of the US governors to band the sport. The New York state governor at that time, George Pataki, also banned the sport resulting in the event to relocate to Dothan, Alabama. Pataki stated that this sport won’t have any place in New York and he was very determined to make this sport left New York for good.

Final Battle
After 20 years of battling with the U.F.C., New York state finally legalize the sport in 2016. The decision was made by the current governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the New York Assembly. The decision was not easily made and it took for more than 3 hours for the Assembly to reach the final decision. Around 25 of the members still insisted to ban this sport, while 113 of them agreed to lift the ban. It was because the sport adopted a new rule from the State Athletic Commissions in New Jersey and Nevada, and the rule made the sport less brutal and acceptable. Andrew Cuomo also stated that he will support the sport by including the sport into the yearly budget. He also added that the sport will help the state to gain more income from the ticket receipts and licensing fees.

The sport was banned because of the cruel and brutal treatment of the athletes, but because they changed the regulation, the sport eventually gained more trust and became legal in the United States, including New York. Although some of the members of the Assembly didn’t agree with the result, the current governor, Andrew Cuomo included the sport in the yearly budget.

George Pataki’s Life After 13 Years Leaving the Office
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George Pataki’s Life After 13 Years Leaving the Office

George Pataki’s Life After 13 Years Leaving the Office – George Pataki, a former New York governor, officially left the office in December 2006 after 10 years in the office. There are lots of things going on during the time he wasn’t a governor anymore, including his comeback as an attorney and his participation in the presidential candidacy. Let’s see a quick recap of some events after he left his office.

Chadbourne & Parke
Short after he left the office, he joined a law firm called Chadbourne & Parke. This law firm actually operates from 12 offices and in 10 different countries, but Pataki joined the one based in New York. The former governor works with around 400 lawyers across the nation, including the other notable attorneys in the state.

United Nations Delegate
Pataki was also appointed as a United States delegate for United Nations General Assembly in 2007. He was chosen by the current president at that time, George W. Bush. Here, he would attend the meetings of the General Assembly committees and the UN General Assembly as the US delegate. In these meetings, Pataki stressed out on the terrorism issues and climate change.

Pataki-Cahill Group
The former governor also founded Pataki-Cahill Group together with his former chief of staff to the New York State Governor, John P. Cahill. The Pataki-Cahill group is a law firm that focuses on opportunities related to water resources, environmental resiliency, energy, and hard assets. The law firm works with 50 different companies that enable them to meet the preferred services of the clients.

George Pataki’s Life After 13 Years Leaving the Office

Presidential Campaign
The public had speculated that Pataki had shown his interest to become a president since the last 2009 when he was traveling to Iowa. However, he declined the speculation by stating that he won’t run for a president for the Republican nomination. Then in 2015, he officially announced that he would run for President of the United States for the Republican nomination. Unfortunately, he failed to gain power with less than one percent poll number and wasn’t able to participate in the candidate debates. The failure made Pataki ended the campaign in December 2015. He, then, endorsed Marco Rubio, Florida Senator, and John Kasich, Ohio Governor, after he failed to participate.

Not only participating in the presidential candidacy, but there are lots of things he does after leaving the office. He goes back as an attorney and founded Pataki-Cahill Group together with his former staff, John Cahill, and other career-related to his interest in politics.

George Pataki Net Worth Explained
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George Pataki Net Worth Explained

George Pataki Net Worth – A former New York governor, George Pataki, is rumored to run for the next 2020 presidential election. It is quite understandable because he runs for president in 2016, but ended up in vain. Although he didn’t win the presidential election, he was nominated as one of the richest presidential candidates in 2016. Let’s see his net worth.

Net Worth
Net worth is one of the most important aspects to consider if one wants to run for a president. The new worth here will play a significant role to fund the campaign and other things during the election period. The more money you have, the more crowd you will be able to gather. It is similar to when you play gambling online in and the more you bet, the bigger your prize will be.

Pataki also became one of the richest presidential candidates in the last 2016 presidential election and his net worth at that time was $13 million. Here are the main sources of his fortune.
• New York Governor
One of his sources of income was when he served as the 53rd New York governor from 1995 to 2006. This job is considered a low-paying job if compared to his other income. The salary as a New York governor is around $179,000 per month based on the Council of State Governments in June 2013.

• Business Firm
One of his biggest income is from his business firm, Pataki-Cahill Group. Pataki himself is a founder and the chairman of the business firm, and he works with John P. Cahill and 30 employees. The business firm focuses on different services, especially related to water resources, hard assets, environmental resiliency, and energy. The estimated revenue of this business firm is $6.00 million.

• Chadbourne & Park
Another source of income was from Chadbourne & Park, a law firm that has 12 different offices in ten different countries. He didn’t own this firm, but he was one of the attorneys here. In this law firm, he worked with around 400 lawyers and there are other prominent figures who also worked for this firm, such as Abbe Lowell, Ed Muskie, George Bundy Smith, Julissa Reynoso, George A. Spater, John Cahill, Dana Frix, Eddie Huang, and Philip Goodman. The firm made around $286 million per year and he gained about a million dollars for his service.

George Pataki is estimated to have $13 Million which made him eligible to run for presidential candidacy in 2016. His fortune didn’t only come from his income as a New York governor because he had different assets and they give annual income to this former governor.

George Pataki childhood
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George Pataki childhood

As a politician, maybe not many know his childhood. George Elmer Pataki is a Republican lawyer and politician from the United States. He has served as the 53rd Governor of New York for 11 years, starting from 1995 to 2006. George Pataki, who was born on June 24, 1945, began his career by becoming mayor in his hometown of Peekskill. He then continued his political career at the State Assembly and State Senate. 1994 became the first year Pataki ran for Governor of New York. At that time he was seen as an underdog due to incumbent governor Mario Cuomo. But in the end Pataki managed to come out as a winner.

Childhood of George Pataki

Pataki was born in Peekskill New York. His father’s grandfather came from Hungary. Their family name, Pataki, comes from Hungarian which means small river. His grandfather first came in 1908 and worked in a hat factory. Grandpa Pataki later married Erszebet who was also born in Hungary. From this couple, Pataki’s father Louis was born. P. Pataki who works as a postman, and manages a farm. While the grandfather of George Pataki’s mother came from Italy, named Matteo Lagana. Mrs. Pataki named Margaret Lagana. Pataki has an older brother named Louis George Pataki.

Read More : George Pataki Personal life that we need to know

Pataki can speak Hungarian, Spanish and French, and German. The four languages are still mastered until now. After completing his high school education at Peekskill High School. He then continued his education at Yale University together with the president of the United States, George W. Bush, in 1964. Pataki received an academic scholarship and graduated three years later in 1967. He obtained his law degree as a lawyer in 1970 at Columbia Law School. During his college days, he had been in the position of Chairman of the Conservative Party at Yale Political Union. He then participated in debating activities.

His political career first began in 1981 when Pataki won the first election as mayor of Peekskill. At that time, Pataki managed to defeat his opponent from the Democratic Party, Fred Blanco Jr., who was a candidate for the incumbent mayor. In 1983, Pataki was re-elected as mayor. In 1984, Pataki held a position at New York State Assembly by defeating incumbent William J. Ryan. Then in 1986, Pataki defeated Ryan again by taking 63% of the vote. He also won back in 1988 and 1990. That’s a bit of a story about George Pataki’s childhood and family when he hadn’t started his career as a Republican politician

George Pataki Personal life that we need to know
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George Pataki Personal life that we need to know

George Pataki is a politician from Peekskill, New York. Pataki is a lawyer and he began his career in the Republican Party. He became Governor of New York for 11 years, starting from 1995 to 2006. But his political career began with being a mayor in his hometown, Peekskill New York. Before becoming Governor of New York, Pataki served in the State Assembly and State Senate. 1994 became the first year Pataki ran for Governor of New York. Despite being stigmatized as an underdog because of fighting incumbent governor Mario Cuomo, Pataki managed to become the winner of the election. Pataki has been married to Libby Rowland since 1973 and has 4 children, including Allison Pataki.

Personal Life from American Politician George Pataki

Pataki is a politician born in Peekskill, New York. His father’s grandfather came from Hungary. Likewise with his grandmother named Erszebet. His grandfather was from Hungary and first came to New York in 1908 to work in a hat factory. Whereas Pataki’s maternal grandparents were immigrants from Italy. Pataki’s father was named Louis. P. Pataki and works as a postman, and manages a farm. Whereas George Pataki’s mother was Margaret Lagana. Pataki has an older brother named Louis George Pataki.

Pataki has foreign language skills. He can speak in Hungarian, Spanish and French, and German. The four languages are still mastered until now. Pataki completed her high school education. Then he continued his education at Yale University. At this university also the president of the United States, George W. Bush, took his education. Pataki then received an academic scholarship and graduated three years later in 1967. His legal degree was obtained in 1970 at Columbia Law School. During his college days, he was once the position as Chairman of the Conservative Party at Yale Political Union. He then participated in debating activities.

Pataki married in 1973 with Libby Rowland and has 4 children, including Allison Pataki who is a writer and journalist. George Pataki’s political career began in 1981 after being elected mayor of Peekskill. Then in 1983, Pataki was re-elected mayor of Peekskill. In 1984, Pataki took office at New York State Assembly by defeating incumbent William J. Ryan. In 1986, Pataki defeated Ryan again. He also won again in 1988 and 1990. In 1994, he began his campaign as Governor of New York. That’s a little story about the former New York Governor, George Pataki.

George Pataki Achievement throughout his life
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George Pataki Achievement throughout his life

Do you know George Pataki? His name is quite well known as a politician from Peekskill, New York. His career was indeed built by becoming a mayor in his hometown, Peekskill. Then he also served as the 53rd Governor of New York, the period 1995 – 2006. Politicians from the Republican Party also had a profession as a lawyer. Prior to serving as governor of New York, Pataki had also served in the State Assembly and State Senate. His career as governor began in 1994. During that time Pataki fought the incumbent governor, Mario Cuomo. During his leadership period, there were several achievements that were achieved by George Pataki. The following are some of the achievements.

Achievements Ever Reached by George Pataki

During his reign, there were several achievements that had been obtained by George Pataki. In the early days of Pataki’s campaign in 1994, he had been seen as an underdog since the beginning of his candidacy. Because, Pataki had to fight Mario Cuomo and his own name was not too well known at that time. In the end, Pataki defeated Cuomo in the general election. Many felt that Pataki’s victory was thanks to Howard Stern’s encouragement. In return, Pataki thanked Stern by bringing him together on the podium during inauguration. Pataki won the general election and became Governor in 1995.

During his time as governor of New York, Pataki received an A in his first term in 1996. His value then declined in 1998 to B, and returned to B in 2002, 2002 and 2004. In 2006, the value of Pataki as a person the governor drops to D. This value comes from the Cato Institute. In 2000, the name Pataki had appeared in a short list that would accompany George W. Bush as president. His name is with Governor John Engler, Tom Ridge, and Senator John Danforth. But finally Bush chose Dick Cheney, who was a former Secretary of Defense.

After his term is over, it does not mean that Pataki has stopped and retired from politics. He then joined the law firm Chadbourne & Parke in New York. Pataki is still looking for possibilities to run for president. He also formed an environmental consulting firm along with his former staff John Cahill and worked together with the Council on Foreign Relations on the issue of climate change. In 2007, Pataki became a delegate from the United States to the United Nations General Assembly. Pataki was appointed directly by president George W. Bush. One of the other achievements of Pataki is the establishment of the Governor of George E. Pataki Leadership and Learning Center located in Peekskill, New York

George Pataki’s Appearance in Many Events
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George Pataki’s Appearance in Many Events

You may be one of those people who follow every step of George Pataki in his political journey. You may have also compiled lots of knowledge about what this American politician done during his job as a governor and many other policies he has issued. However, do you know about George Pataki’s appearance in many events apart from the political ones? Here they are:

Pataki’s Appearance on the C-SPAN Networks
First of all, Pataki has made lots of appearances on the C-SPAN Networks. Overall, he has had 112 videos on the video library of C-SPAN. There was a year in the past when Pataki made the most number of videos. That year was 2006. In that year, Pataki made the total of 13 videos.

Meanwhile, there was also a year when Pataki made the highest average views number per program. That year was 2011. In that year, Pataki reached a total of view of 20,374 times per program. In his videos, there were also appearances from other famous people such as George W. Bush (15 times), Michael R. Bloomberg (17 times), and Rudolph “Rudy” W. Giuliani (18 times). Of all videos Pataki has made, the most common tags are Road to the White House, New York, and World Trade Center / Pentagon Attacks.

Other Pataki’s Appearances
Apart from his appearance on the C-SPAN networks, Pataki has also made plenty of appearances in many other events. Most of the events are usually forum,  and involve different topics for the talks. Here are some of the appearances of Pataki.

On October 12th, 2015, Pataki made an appearance at No Labels Convention. At that time, Pataki was a presidential candidate for 2016 election. In this appearance, Pataki talked about how he as presidential candidate would improve the state’s economy and would create clean energy. In general, his talk was about climate change.

On December 2015, Pataki made an appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum. At that time, Pataki gave a speech as a presidential candidate. At that time, he was in the election of governor in 2016. In this appearance, Pataki talked about his call for Jerusalem to be reckoned as Israel’s capital and to outline his strategies to boost the nation’s combat ISIL and military.

Pataki was both successful and inspiring politician. Apart from making a great track record as an American Politician, he also has made lots of appearances to afford insights and knowledge to the society. Have you ever attended any George Pataki’s appearance in any networks and or forum?

Unique Facts about George Pataki about His Governorship
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Unique Facts about George Pataki about His Governorship

George Pataki is not a new name in American politics. This politician has made an incredible journey during his political career by making lots of policies and succeeding in many elections. However, have you ever known unique facts about George Pataki about his governorship? Check the following information out:

Pataki Defeated Mario Cuomo
Mario Cuomo is a big name in American politics. Mario Cuomo is the liberal icon and was defeated by Pataki. Pataki successfully win the 1994 governorship. It was surely a big sweep for the GOP at that time. Even more, the winning was as stunning as the states’ outcomes where there were many Democratic governors who became governors at the moment went down.

Pataki successfully bagged the greatest prize on that day, giving a shock therapy to the political world by claiming his winning from the 3-term incumbent Mario Cuomo. This winning could never be belittled as Mario Cuomo was the man who possessed symbolized liberal resistance to the conservatism of Ronald Reagan.

Pataki at that time piled up the margins of 2 -1 in the Upstate counties and he won enough votes in the New York City’s suburbs and outer boroughs to dominate by 4 points of percentage. Mario Cuomo, the former leading president prospect from the Democratic, was reported to never run for the office again. However, Andrew, his son, was elected 2010 and 2014 governor.

He was a Governor when Terror Attacks Occurred on September 11th, 2011
The nation’s anger and shock over the World Trade Center’s twin tower’s destruction by the terrorists from al-Qaida gave many political opportunity moments, but most of those benefited the Mayor Giulani and President George W. Bush.

At that time, Pataki was on that scene and was often involved in the challenging aftermath. That was surely a hard time for him during his reign as the New York City’s governor. He was challenged to be able to accommodate the needs of the victims while also maintaining his performance as a governor. However, Pataki never cut any media figure Pataki’s fellow Republican did. He also never obtained similar boost in the national renown.

There are still many more unique facts about George Pataki about his governor ship. However, those two facts above are what shock the society. It is great to know that there is an amazing politician in American that could perform that great in the political world, don’t you think?

George Pataki’s Issue Positions
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George Pataki’s Issue Positions

If you are into American politics, you may have been familiar with George Pataki. He has that amazing career record in politics. His name is even more well-known when he was elected as the governor of New York. Yet, despite of his careers track record, do you know George Pataki’s issue positions? What does this politician say about particular issues in the society?

Yes – As the Issue Positions
To begin with, let’s see particular issues with which George Pataki has agreed. There are different kinds of issues he has agreed with or he has supported. You may have heard some of them but some of them may be new information to you.

First, in term of economic issue, Pataki supports the effort of lowering taxes. He agrees with lower taxes as a means of economic growth promotion. Meanwhile, related to energy issues, Pataki supports the funding for the renewable energy development. Pataki has a big support to the renewable development of wind, solar, and thermal.

In addition to that, Pataki agrees with one of Obama’s policies about health. Pataki supports the continuation of Obamacare as the society’s Affordable Care Act. Then in term of national security, Pataki supports targeting the suspected terrorists that are located outside of official conflict theaters.

No – As the Issue Position
On the contrary, George Pataki has issues some disagreement on some issues. They are as the following:

First, related to budgeting, Pataki disagrees with the idea of increasing an income tax on any tax bracket as a way to balance budget. Then related to crime, he disagrees with the obligatory minimum sentences for the offenders of non-violent drug. For economy, he doesn’t support the federal funding as a way to promote the growth of economy.

Then about education, he doesn’t support the states in implementing the reforms of the education. The reason to that is because that reform will not make the education entitled to competitive federal grants. Meanwhile, talking about environment, Pataki doesn’t support the federal regulation about the emissions of greenhouse gas. Lastly about immigration, Pataki doesn’t find the need of requiring any illegal immigrants for returning to the home country before they are deemed eligible for their new citizenship.

There are still some other George Pataki’s issues positions. Which of his positions do you support and which ones you don’t? What kind of inspirations have you got from his policies so far? Let us know your voice!

Get to Know George Pataki
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Get to Know George Pataki

George Pataki is one of the prominent figures in America. He is known as a successful politician and attorney. Although he is very famous, other than those facts, not all people know who George Pataki is. Let’s get to know George Pataki more to gain insight from his point of views.

When talking about George Pataki, it will be incomplete if not talking about his families. His father, the late Louis Pataki, worked as a postman and his mother, the late Margaret ‘Peggy’ M. Pataki, was spending her life mostly in the family farm. George Pataki has an older brother named Louis Pataki Jr.

In 1973, he married Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Rowland and from that marriage, he has four children, namely Emily Pataki, Teddy Pataki, Allison Pataki, and George Owen Pataki. One of the children, Allison Pataki, is the New York Best Selling author for her novels; The Traitor’s Wife, Accidental Empress, Sisi: Empress on Her Own, Where the Light Falls, and Beauty in the Broken Places. The novel Where the Light Falls is written by her and her brother, George Owen Pataki who is a first lieutenant in the US Army.

Role in Presidential Bid
George Pataki was running for the presidential nomination in May 2015 from Republican Party, along with other presidential candidates. He had conducted his campaign to gather supporters from Exeter, New Hampshire. Although he gained more supporters from Exeter, he needed to end his presidential bid in December 2015 since he didn’t get a place in the national polls. The main reason of the low polls is that he was already in his 70 when he announced his presidential candidacy.

The other reason is that he was inactive for doing a campaign since 2002 so that he didn’t have enough recognition from the people. He also supported numerous liberal policies which very contrast with the Republican policies regarding gay marriage, abortion, environment, and gun control. After he dropped his presidential bid, in April 2016, he endorsed John Kasich, a Governor of Ohio. However, John Kasich also dropped out as a presidential candidacy in May 2016 after becoming a sole challenger to Donald J. Trump.

When you get to know George Pataki more, you will know lots of interesting facts that make him different from other politicians. Not only knowing more facts about him, you will gain more knowledge from his political policies, from the economic policies to energy and oil policies.

What if George Pataki Runs For President in 2020?
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What if George Pataki Runs For President in 2020?

George Pataki, a former New York Governor, run as the presidential bid in 2016, but he ended the campaign later. It is because he didn’t receive enough polls to run as a presidential candidacy. But, what if George Pataki runs for president in 2020? Will he be successful or repeating the same mistake once again?

The presidential election in 2020 is approaching and more candidates have been predicted to take the chance to run for presidents who are inspired by Trump’s success of becoming a president. Not only new candidates, but the presidential candidates in the last presidential bid in 2016 might be running for president in 2020, including George Pataki.

If, say, George Pataki is running for a president in 2020, the possibility to win is 50:50. He gets 50 percent possibility to be elected as a presidential candidate since he has his own role in the last presidential bid and he has known how to act to gather more polls. But, he also gets 50 percent chance of failure since he might do the same mistake twice and lots of people seek for the better candidate.

The reasons for his failure in the presidential bid in 2016 are because of his age, inactive participation in the campaign, and his controversial policies. He cannot do anything if it is related to the age, but he can perform better in the campaign and policies. When he grasps those two aspects, he might be able to attract more attention and get more polls.
If he can correct his mistakes, he might be able to claim his position in the next presidential bid, if not, he can wave goodbye to his dream of becoming a president. But, until now, Pataki hasn’t registered as the 2020 presidential candidate and now more than 350 candidates have been registered.

If Pataki runs for a presidential bid in 2020, he needs to work hard make an extra effort starting from this moment to win compared to what he did in the last 2016 presidential bid. But still, he might face more problems since there are more candidates from the various background that he needs to beat in order to win the polls.

What if George Pataki runs for president in 2020? The possibility to win and the possibility to lose are always there. But then, it depends on his political campaign whether he can be successful or not and hopefully, he won’t repeat the same mistake again.

Unique Facts about George Pataki in His Election
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Unique Facts about George Pataki in His Election

George Pataki is one of American politician that is so well known. His fame is due to his achievements and track record in US politics. However, despite of Pataki’s career history, do you know about the unique facts about George Pataki in his election? Not many people know that!

– He is Unbeatable in the Election for a Public Office
When Pataki was in late 30s, he ran for Peekskill’s mayor on a certain reform platform and he did it. Then 2 years afterwards or in 1984 to be precise, Pataki took on the incumbent state legislator from Democratic Party and he won again. Then in 1992, he again challenged the Republican incumbent state senator and he won again.

After that, Pataki decided to make a great leap from being a Senate in his first term to a GOP nominee for being a governor. Then, regardless Giuliani endorsing the opponent and regardless the presence from a third party from a conservative businessman, George Pataki, in 1994, ousted Cuomo. He was also re-elected in both 1998 and also in 2002 and he hasn’t run since.

That being said, we could conclude that Pataki has been always successful in his election. He has defeated many incumbents and been re-elected for many times. This phenomenon is surely rare to happen to a politician everywhere in the world.

Unique Facts about George Pataki in His Election– He is the Oldest among the Presidential Prospects
In the election, Pataki has been the oldest among the presidential prospects coming from the Republican side. Besides, he has also been the one and only major contender who’s older than his rival Hillary Clinton. If Pataki’s elected, he would surely be the oldest candidate to take an oath as a president.

How could that happen? It is because this New York’s former governor was born in June 1945. Therefore, he would just turn 71 on the 2016 Election Day. This is surely rare to happen among American politicians. It is rare to find someone making his first bid for his presidency in his 70s, although the Independent Democratic Bernie Sanders was 4 years older as Pataki’s senior and the prospective candidate named Jim Webb was 69 at that time. Pataki remains the oldest.

Which one of the unique facts about George Pataki above interests player the most? Although you may have seen media reported plenty of things about Pataki, there seems to be a few of them presenting unique info about this successful American politician.

What George Pataki Tweets in his Twitter Account
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What George Pataki Tweets in his Twitter Account

George Pataki, a former Governor of New York, is one of the politicians who are active in the social media. He has a Twitter account since 2014 that he manages by himself and he has tweeted for more than 20k times. But, what George Pataki tweets in his Twitter account?

George Pataki, in his Twitter as @GovernorPataki, has gained more than 42.4K followers since he made his Twitter account in 2014. Compared to Donald Trump, George Pataki is considered not very active on Twitter. Mostly he tweets about the current issues of the political situation and he rarely tweets about his personal feelings. Sometimes, he retweeted some prominent Twitter accounts, such as his daughter Allison Pataki @AllisonPataki, Bruce Brenton @bbrentonwindham, Fox News @FoxNews, and many more.

Twitter users are free to express their own thought through the posts they tweet and sometimes, the posts make other parties uncomfortable. The same problem is experienced by George Pataki in his past Twitter posts.
• Twitter War with Donald Trump
The US president, Donald Trump, is known for his active role in Twitter and he has tweeted lots of posts that might insult other parties. In this case, George Pataki is the one who posts the first tweet about Donald Trump. On September 13, 2015, George Pataki tweets about his thought regarding the Donald Trump presidential candidacy. In this tweet, he said that he would not vote for Trump since he is unfit as a presidential candidate. Responding to this tweet, Trump addressed Pataki as a failure as a Governor of New York and how he disagreed with the idea that Pataki is running for president. The situation got worse since Pataki mentioned the past issues of Trump and he encouraged his fellow candidates to not nominate Trump as a presidential candidate.

Edward Snowden Twitter Account• Edward Snowden Twitter Account
Edward Snowden is one of the prominent figures in terms of computer technology. In the past, he leaked important information on the US government and he is currently under asylum in Russia. When he first joined Twitter, Pataki saw this as a thread and addressed him as a traitor for the US. He demanded Twitter to ban Snowden’s account, but Twitter disagreed on this idea and welcome Snowden on Twitter.

What George Pataki tweets in his Twitter account are mostly his personal thought and some things related to the current political issues. The most shocking tweets in the past were related to Donald Trump Twitter war and Snowden Twitter account.

The Early Political Career of the US Politician George Pataki
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The Early Political Career of the US Politician George Pataki

If you love politics, you may have been familiar with one of the most well-known political figures named George Pataki. He becomes prominent as a successful attorney and politician. His success in politic has been known by society. However, little does society know the early political career of this US politician George Pataki. Here’s the summary:

– The Mayor of Peekskill
George Pataki claimed his first won in a political election in November 1981. At that time, this American politician was elected as the Mayor of a city named Peekskill. This city I located in Westchester County, in the Northwestern part to be precise. In the political election, he defeated the reigning incumbent from the Democratic Fred Bianco Jr. From the vote, it was shown that George Pataki won the vote by 70%. Two years afterwards, or in November 1983, George Pataki was elected again as Mayor after claiming 74% winning of the vote.

– New York State Assembly
A year after being re-elected as Mayor, George Pataki was elected as State Assembly of New York (91st D.). In the election, he defeated the Democratic incumbent that reign for one term only, William J. Ryan. In the election, George Pataki won 53% of the vote.

Two years after that, in November 1986, he re-defeated Ryan by winning 63% of the vote. Then, in 1988, George Pataki won his third term by capturing 74% of the vote and by defeating Mark Zinna, a Democratic candidate.

George Pataki then won his fourth along with his final term in 1990 by winning more than 90% of the vote because he was only against a candidate from a minor party. The history has noted that George Pataki was a former assemblyman in the 186th until 189th New York State Legislatures.

The Early Political Career of the US Politician George Pataki– New York Senate
In 1983 – 1992, George Pataki chose to challenge Mary B. Goodhue, the 7-term incumbent State Senator from the Republican by issuing a critic for missing Albany vote because she preferred taking her grandchildren to the Disney World.

In the election, Pataki won 52% of the vote. In November 1992, he won the election of New York State Senate. George Pataki then served in the 190th New York State Legislature as Senate and then ran at the next election for governor.

It’s such a good career track record of US politician George Pataki. His rich experience in politics has brought him to his current politic career stage. He surely will keep honing his politic skill and experience. Don’t you feel curious about his next political movement?

Why George Pataki Supports Kid Rock as a Senate Candidate
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Why George Pataki Supports Kid Rock as a Senate Candidate

Kid Rock who is famous in his music career was issued as a Senate candidate in 2017. This idea was considered absurd for other parties, but not for George Pataki who is a New York Governor. But why George Pataki supports Kid Rock as a Senate candidate?

– Candidate of Republican Party in Michigan
Kid Rock who was born in Romeo, Michigan is believed to be the winning key for Republican Party in his hometown. The most obvious reason for this is because his name is widely known in Michigan. With his popularity, he can save the Republican ballot there. At the presidential bid last 2015, Michigan which is supposed to support the Democratic Party, chose Republican and helped Donald Trump gaining more polls. If Kid Rock runs for the Senate candidate, he might be able to gain more polls as the US president did.

– Has the Same Spotlight as Donald Trump
One of the absurd ideas in the last presidential bid is when Donald Trump decided to join as one of the candidates. Many people didn’t believe this idea and still think that his political policies are unbelievable. However, despite all doubts, Donald Trump was elected as the US president. The same ideas go with Kid Rock when he was issued to be the next Senate candidate. If Donald Trump can be a president, why not about Kid Rock. As absurd as it is, George Pataki said that Kid Rock is the candidate that the GOP needs right now. It is because Kid Rock is believed to be the smart guy seen from the songs he wrote and he can do business for his own self.

Why George Pataki Supports Kid Rock as a Senate Candidate– Prefers His Songs
Although it will be very interesting if Kid Rock runs as a Senate candidate, he didn’t think about it. He even thinks that this is very ridiculous and he prefers to go to promote his new songs, Po-Dunk and Greatest Show on Earth. Still, many Republicans think that he can run for the Senate by changing the lyrics of his new songs as a campaign to gather more attention from the people.

The reasons why George Pataki supports Kid rock as a Senate candidate are because of his background. Not only because he is a musician, but he also proves that he can survive in his career because of his smart thinking and his business strategy which make him perfect as a Senate candidate.

The Social Policy of US Politician George Pataki
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The Social Policy of US Politician George Pataki

The US Politician George Pataki is so well-known because of his successful career in US politics. However, despite of his career track record, he is also known for several social policies he has made, some of which are about health care and gay rights. What is inside those policies?

– Health Care
There were a couple of novel health care programs when Pataki was in charge of administration. Those health care programs were formulated to focus more on the expansion of health care program for the poorest citizen in the state.

In 1999, George Pataki sign health care legislation providing coverage of health insurance under the name of Family Health Plus. This comprehensive law was taken to provide adults with low income with health insurance thru their employers.

Besides, George Pataki also took care of Child Health whose coverage was also expanded in order to facilitate poorer families having children with the age of below 19 who were deemed qualified for Medicaid.

Then by 2001, George Pataki fought for 530,000 children to be included to the program. The coverage expansion of Family Health Plus was even made wider by providing free insurance to single adults and families who owned too much income that had to be covered by the Medicaid but couldn’t afford insurance.

In 2003, Governor Pataki issued a ban for smoking in any public places. The ban was signed to be a law under his administration by hoping that it could better health in NYC and also reduce the cost of health care over time.

The Social Policy of US Politician George Pataki– Gay Rights
Another interesting social policy made under the administration of George Pataki was about gay rights. He once lobbied for the favor from Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act, a bill of fay rights languishing in the state’s Senate for a couple of years because of the Senate Leader Joseph Bruno’s opposition.

Then in 1009, Pataki personally preferred the marriage of same sex but he never brought it to the State Senate because he knew that most of the Senates in the conference were against his thought. He said that for life is short, every person should be afforded with same rights and opportunities to enjoy it.

There are actually many other made by the US politician George Pataki. Even from those two policies above, however, we could only see how he really fights for the better life of the society. Which movement of Pataki is inspires you?

George Pataki Offers working vision with Jewish Coalition
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George Pataki Offers working vision with Jewish Coalition

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21, 2015 — Mired at 1 percent in the presidential polls, former New York Gov. George Pataki sought to boost his campaign in front of a friendly audience. At the Republican Jewish Coalition 2015 Presidential Candidates Forum, Pataki was among those with whom he had a lengthy and productive relationship.

Pataki repeatedly implored the crowd to ignore his standing in the polls and look at his record. Pataki was introduced by RJC member Earl Mack.

Pataki began with a tribute to his friends in the room. “Without you, we don’t win elections.”

He spoke about a variety of issues, starting with foreign policy.

Pataki cited the Garland, Texas, attacks that were foiled as well as the successful Chattanooga murders of Marines, Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon bombings. He linked the common thread as radical jihad. Anyone verbally shouting “jihad” is not engaging in protected speech. It is “yelling fire in a crowded theater” and must be stopped.

Pataki summoned the ghost of Admiral James B. Stockdale in asking the question of why he was in the race. He cited his electability and his experience. He won three times as a Republican governor in liberal New York. He got a plurality of the Puerto Rican and Dominican vote, even though those two constituencies have been in direct conflict with each other.

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